Welcome to Aunkan Children Stories Publication!

Our mission is to publish books ‘by the children, of the children and for the children…!
This platform is made for you if:
• Your mind is buzzing with creativity and you just can’t resist from writing
• You enjoy reading children’s stories and want to write as well
• You’ve already written something and want to publish it
• You’re a minor and yet you strive to get your work published
• You’re a parent who wants to develop your child’s passion for writing and his / her creativity
Whether you’re a sales executive who writes stories between meetings or you’re still in school or you’re retired and have free time to pursue your passion of writing children’s stories, Aunkan Children Stories Publication is the right place for you.
If you’ve created or written something and wish to publish it, please register yourself to send us your writing.We will get in touch with you when we select your creation for publishing:
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What can you publish here?


Nothing is better than a good bedtime story. Become a storyteller to children all over the world.


Do you enjoy writing dialogues to cute animated images? There’s place here for that.


Creativity can be in many forms. If your fingers pick up the paintbrush first, let it speak!


Rhyme or no rhyme, poems have always been a classic in children’s literature, which kids love to listen.


Do you sing along to the words you write? Time to bring out the hidden lyricist or musician in you!


"A picture is worth a thousand words". Tell your story without words. Get your art to speak for you.


Come, join the world where your imagination gets wings.


"The creative adult is the child who survived."
- Ursula Leguin

It’s time to find that child inside you

There is no age limit to creativity

Come on and show us what you’ve got!



“If you have the words, there's always a chance to find way.”
- Seamus Heaney

We’re your portal to the world of children’s publishing

If you’ve always been uncertain, no need to fear

Hop on board and let’s travel together.



“No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.”
- Jon Bon Jovi

Passion is the key; why are you holding back?

Live your passion and express your energy

Pick up your pen and don’t let anything stop you



“Your limitation - it's only your imagination.”
- Anonymous

You’ve got loads of imagination burst in your head

Pull out all the dots and don’t let anything limit you

You’ve got to break your boundaries and find the best


Hello Budding Authors!

We are passionate about inculcating the right literary values in children and we believe that each one of you who wants to be a children’s author has the power to do that. And who can create better stories for the children, other than children themselves. Whether it is short stories, comics, artwork, articles, poems, songs, compositions…..the list is endless. Come join us in our mission to promote the art of writing and reading. It’s time to let the creativity of talented young and old authors thrive together. And we provide the best platform for it.

Whether you are 5 years old or 15 years old or even 50 years old there’s no stopping of passion for creativity at any age! So send us your work and let us publish it for you.


  • Anonymous
    “My son has so many ideas in his head and he just needed the right place for it and we think we found it here.”
  • Anonymous
    “I thought most authors today are young people but I was glad I found Aunkan Children Stories Publication where they encouraged me being an elderly!”
  • Anonymous
    “I had written several stories for children but could not get the right place to publish until I worked with Aunkan Children Stories Publication.”
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