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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to get your story published somewhere? Have you ever felt like you need a space to show your artwork? Have you ever felt like your creativity needs wings?
We at Aunkan Children Stories Publication are looking for people like you. We are excited to provide the budding author like you with a befitting platform to showcase your creativity. Whether you’ve talents in art, or in storytelling, or in design, our stage is open for you all.

We are Passionate about Inculcating and Developing Reading and Writing Habits in Children.

We are on a mission to revive the art of reading and writing. And with enthusiasts like you out there, we are sure to achieve that. We will publish your work so that you can proudly display it to the world. Be a student, or a corporate executive, or a retiree, the window of opportunity we offer is open for every one of you.
Our publishing platform is designed in such a way that whether you are just 5 years old, or 50 years old, you get to express your stories equally well. We are hunting for talented people like you who are unafraid and unabashed to show your talents to the world. We want to give you the space to unleash your passion and imagination and see your words printed in ink. Get your story published and flaunt it to the world.

Come, join our fairytale adventure today!

Our Mission

We aim to inspire everyone, children and adults alike, to never stop their creativity from blooming.
We wish children to be the centre of our publication. These are stories of them, by them and for them.
We desire that people express themselves through literature and artwork and unleash their potential.
Whether you’re old or young, an amateur or a professional who wishes to create things has a place here.
Childhood is a phase no one forgets, and we help children scribble theirs and adults remember theirs.
Imagination is all about dreaming the impossible, and we make it happen for you.
We strive so that everyone enjoys stories irrespective of the authors being of different ages and tastes.


Do you call yourself a writer? Why do you hold yourself back then with thousands eagerly waiting to read your stories?


Are you a cartoonist or a graphic artist? Do you love painting and sketching? Let’s tap that exciting mind of yours.


Even at this age you can tell us the most exciting stories. Let’s tap the incredible mind of yours for the world to feast on.


Why don’t let your child’s creativity ignite and inspire others, too,to write, to draw, to paint and share with the world?

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Come, join the world where your imagination gets inked.

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